QCharm- An inspirational Story

Written by on November 17th in Featured

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the great state of Texas to present on  Therapals.com at the Texas Occupational Therapy Conference. After the presentation was over I received a letter from an Occupational Therapist who was in the audience. Her letter was full of passion and I could tell that she too had a special connection to the special needs community. After I returned home I began to do some research on her website . It is called QCharm.com, I was absolutely touched by her story and how she brought her idea to fruition.  This inspiring OT and entrepreneur’s name is Denise Meissner. She is the proud mother of 2 sons, 1 of which has autism. Her youngest son was the inspiration for her idea as he struggled with transitions and changes in routine on a daily basis. Denise with the help of EZBand owners Josh Bandes and Dave Levine formed the company QCharm and began changing the world together in their own way to make daily tasks a little easier for those affected with Autism. QCharm  offers an exclusive charm line that uses icons to represent activities, daily items and rewards . They offer 2 different colored and highly durable wrist bands for the charms to attach to. They suggest a yellow wristband to support activity/schedule charms and a green band to support positive reinforcement stars.  For those who prefer not to wear a wrist band, They offer a key chain version of the band. QCharm recognizes the imperative need for visual schedules and they are dedicated to providing a discreet and fashionable way for those with special needs to access a visual schedule. QCharm has nearly 200 Boardmaker images available for print onto their charms to slide onto their wristbands. If you would like to read more about QCharm and its founder, please visit http://www.qcharm.com/index.cfm?load=page&page=42


Click on the link above to access a short video showing how to put on and take off a charm on the QCharm Portable Visual Cuing System

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