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” Stickids” Greatest Sensory Program Ever!

While preparing for my upcoming conferences I knew that I had to include a video to show  how to utilize Stickids prior to interacting online on Therapals. Stickids is an amazing sensory program that allows the user to track progress, create planners, and customize sensory icons to meet the individual sensory needs of  a child.Read more>>

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Friendships on the rise in America

Therapals begins traveling across the country starting next weekend. We are full of excitement and ready to share our program. For those of you who do not know what Therapals is or what we can offer the special needs community, here is a break down of our services. Therapals offers children with special needs anRead more>>

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Sensory Sam help kids pay attention!

Have you ever wondered why your child can’t sit still or focus for more than a couple minutes on any given tasks. Your child may be just a little squirmy or they may indeed need some heavy work activities to help them focus. Sensory Sam is our sensory icon that appears to notify our childRead more>>

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